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AES-25 Electric Steering System

Electric convenience, hydraulic performance

Features & Benefits:

  • Fast, accurate steering response
  • Up to 2cm performance accuracy
  • Full terrain compensation
  • Reverse operation
  • Convenient, easy installation
  • Easily transferable across vehicles
  • Compatible with System 150, System 350

AES-25 Accurate Electric Steering System

From basic to high-accuracy steering, AES-25 is the advanced solution for all platforms.

Compatible with all Topcon autosteering systems, AES-25 provides the convenience of electric steering with the performance of hydraulics. A System 150 or System 350 combined with AES-25 provides a highly accurate control package that is easily transferable between machines.

The high-torque, direct-drive motor offers silent operation and the most accurate electric steering available. AES-25 outperforms all other electric steering solutions while offering clean, neat installation with no external components to interfere with normal operation in the cab.

AES-25 for precise control, full hydraulic performance, electric convenience

For non-steer-ready vehicles, AES-25 with AGI-4 provides a complete autosteering package that is easily transferable between machines. Step up to RTK to achieve 2cm accuracy. Convenient, simple installation, reverse operation, full terrain compensation. Optional Wheel Angle Sensor can be added for greater stability in challenging conditions.

Autosteering increases efficiency, eases operator fatigue, reduces machine wear-and-tear, reduces over/underlap, and input costs while allowing 24/7 operation regardless of environmental conditions.

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