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Optimal Lines

Outstanding tool for Controlled Traffic Farming

Features & Benefits:

  • Select any line in a field and autosteer parallel lines
  • Reduce damage from heavy or repeated passes
  • Easily activated option on Topcon's System 350 (X30 console)
  • Create Optimal Lines "on the fly" with touchscreen icons
  • Automatic detection of nearest lines
  • Select a line to steer from by simply touching the screen or "jump" to the next or previous line
  • Works like having multiple identical cures in one field without having to load new lines
  • Lines can be easily loaded from Shape Files

Controlled Traffic Farming (CTF) with unmatched versatility

Primarily created to reduce plant damage in sugar cane applications, Optimal Lines provides many additional benefits in farming situations where flexibility in GPS lines is needed to accommodate varied field conditions and equipment setups over many years.

Controlled Traffic Farming (CTF) reduces soil compaction damage caused by heavy or repeated passes over the land. Well documented negative consequences include increased fuel use, poor seedbeds, reduced yields and poor soil function in terms of water infiltration, drainage and greenhouse gas mitigation.

A Controlled Traffic Farming system confines machinery to the least possible area of permanent traffic lanes. With no control, machines can run randomly over the land, compacting as much as 75% of the area within one season and at least the whole area by the second season. Soils can take years to recover. A proper CTF system can reduce tracking to just 15% and this is always in the same place.


 Optimal Lines & CTF - Capabilities

  • Automatic detection of the nearest line
  • Manual selection of the line-to-steer by touching the line on the screen you want to steer to
  • Jump to next/previous line
  • All lines are numbered
  • Easy step-by-step Wizard for all functionality
  • Project Lines allow operator to drive lines from a previous job
  • Load Project Lines from a Shape File

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