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Topcon IS-310 Series Imaging Robotic Total Stations

Topcon’s IS-310 is an advanced imaging and measurement system that increases productivity levels for buildings layout and all phases of a construction project. 

Features & Benefits

  • Robotic Total Station
  • Photo Record (Photo Fieldbook)
  • One-man Layout
  • Remote Image Aiming
  • Two Digital Cameras - wide angle and tele-zoom
  • WiFi Communication

Now the IS-310 can be mounted on a building column above obstructions and be able to sight down on the ground, the walls, or the ceiling.  The IS-310 has a strong tracking function that can track a prism throughout the job site, and a laser pointer that assists in pointing out the desired layout point or as-built measurement point.

Robotic Total Station

The power, accuracy, and speed of a total station the IS-310 provides the user with real-time updates where one-man can layout the locations for anchor bolts, hangers for HVAC, or pipe sleeves for plumbing.  One-man can before an as-built and with Magnet enterprise send the data back to the office for quality control. 

Photo Fieldbook

A 360 degree panoramic image can be collected from any occupied instrument point historicall representing all the features from the setup that day.  Document the jobsite with photgraphs referenced on the horizontal and vertical angle grid.

One-man Layout

The IS-310 is just one part of the imaging layout system.  The built-in cameras provide a simplified workflow in the field to remotely aim the device and measure to objects that are seen on a live video display of a field controller, or field tablet.  This short cuts the measurement process that typically required a person to stand behind and look through the lens on the instrument. 

Two Digital Cameras

The IS-310 features two dual digital imaging cameras providing color real-time image on a data controller.  Their is a wide angle 4X digital camera and a 30X camera integrated through the lens so you know exactly where the instrument cross-hairs are located.

Remote Image Aiming

The IS-310 control interface is done through a live video feed seen on the tablet PC. The user can simply touch a pixel on the video picture and the cross-hairs of the IS-310 will turn to that location. See on the tablet what is seen through the lens.  No need to stand behind the instrument and continuously look through a small lens.  See the live video delivered via WLAN to the tablet PC.

Wifi Communication and Remote Networking

The IS-310 has Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) capability and can be controlled remotely via network or internet connection.  Imagine sitting in the comfort of your office or vehicle and being able to scan, measure, control, and see what your instrument is seeing.




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