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Haul Truck HT-30

Haul Truck Assignment And Tracking System


  • Load/dump time and locations are accurately recorded and secured in the cloud
  • Built-in low cost GPS, does not need a base station
  • Small, portable and quickly mounts in any truck
  • Intuitive, user friendly software
  • Rugged design, with color touchscreen display


  • Real time, web based, haul monitoring reduces supervision cost
  • Eliminates inaccurate load counts
  • Accurate haul reports means accurate job cost reports
  • Real time haul monitoring allows supervisors to quickly recognize operational inefficiencies
  • Create and assign haul tasks from the office that include load/dump location and material type
  • Automatically generate and distribute productivity reports

HT-30 is a system for haul trucks and other bulk material transports. The HT-30 system features a small and portable GPS/GPRS enabled control box that mounts into the truck cab.

The HT-30 features a small and portable GPS/GPRS or GPS/CDMA enabled control box - GX-30c - that mounts into the truck cab. As the truck is loaded, data about the content is input such as material type and driver. The information is then integrated into Sitelink3D Enterprise to be used for planning, scheduling or rerouting if the equipment is needed elsewhere. 

GX-30c Control Box:

Sitelink3D Enterprise Reporting:

You can use HT-30 with Sitelink3D to track your trucks on site, but the real power behind the system is in conjunction with Topcon’s Sitelink3D Enterprise solution. In Sitelink3D Enterprise you  not only track  trucks, the system will provide valuable information such as material volumes, cycle times and color coded cut/fill maps in real time! The HT-30 eliminates the manual guess work of load counting giving earthwork customers the correct numbers they need to track jobsite progress and accurately bid future jobs. Contractors will also be able to monitor all operators and take necessary steps to help those falling behind.

The attractive cost versed the huge benefit is sure to make the HT-30 a must have solution with dirt and trucking contractors. It is an easy way to get customers using Sitelink3D Enterprise and help them realize how much more control than can have and money they can make.

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