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Digital UHF II

The long awaited Digital UHF II is released. The latest evolution of Topcon’s advanced digital radio technology platform. The Digital UHF will be integrated into all current Topcon products that support UHF operation. On a short term you will see Digital UHF II based GNSS receivers start appearing.

There is a workflow change in assigning licensed frequencies to the radio. Customer specific frequencies must be loaded at your level as distributor.

Digital UHF II Radio technology features

  • Operation in narrowband channels (12.5 KHz) with equivalent data rates as are currently provided in Digital UHF wideband channels
  • Improved sensitivity for increased field range
  • Support for Quad band GSM cellular module on HiPer II and GRX1 products
  • Support for a new HSPA cellular module to take advantage of global 3.5G network deployment
  • Support for Satel UHF protocol using 4-Level-FSK (4FSK) data modulation
  • Support for PDL UHF protocol using both GMSK and 4FSK data modulation

Affected Products

  • HiPer II, GRX1, GR-5 and MC-R3 (soon)

Software compatibility

Topcon Receiver Utility (TRU) v2.5, MAGNET 1.1.1 and Pocket 3D 10.0.1 releases support Topcon new Digital UHF II radio integrated with GR-5 and HiPer II receivers. TopSURV 8.2.2 release also supports this new radio with the exception of support for 3.5G (HSPA) cellular module which is only available with MAGNET and Pocket 3D Application.

Product Identification

In order to configure Field software to operate with Digital UHF II based receivers, it is important to identify that your GR-5 or HiPer II receiver has integrated Topcon Digital UHF II radio. All GR-5 receivers integrated with Digital UHF II radio has a special “Digital UHF II” sticker to identify that receiver is equipped with this latest radio. For HiPer II and GRX1 receivers with integrated Digital UHF II radio, look at the Serial Number Label pasted on the bottom of the unit. This label specifically mentions “DIGITAL UHF II” marking on the product.

DUHF II Radio Frequency Notice

Please be aware that our latest Digital UHF II radio technology supports a wide UHF frequency range of 400-470Mhz. And has been delivered to you in a default factory configuration. Before distribution of this product to an end user, you are required to configure the frequencies that your customer needs for radio communication in their specific region. UHF frequencies in your region/country may be licensed or unlicensed, but are always subject to some level of restriction within the overall 400-470Mhz range. The steps to load frequencies are described in below document. Make sure you have a dealer/advanced license of TRU software.

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