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Topcon announces the availability of an external high power Site Radio Link (SRL). The Topcon SRL-35, high power wireless radio modem in a rugged industrial design, is built to provide a superior UHF radio communication solution for outdoor uses in heavy duty construction and survey applications. 

Key Features

  • High output power of up to 35Watt*
  • Wide 70 MHz (403-473 MHz) operating range
  • User selectable channel spacing (12.5, 20 or 25 kHz)
  • Fully compatible with 3rd party radio broadcast such as Satel, PDL and TrimTalk**
  • Multi-function LCD user interface to indicate current operating status and configure the radio modem
  • Automatic prevention of overheating
  • Industry standard IP-67 rating to withstand harsh surveying and construction environment

*25W limited output power version is available as an order option for geographical areas where regulatory restriction on output power applies.

The SRL-35 is an IP67 (NEMA 6) classified UHF radio modem with a high power (up to 25 or 35 W) transmitter and wide 70 MHz tuning range. Designed for easy mobile use in demanding field conditions, the casing and connectors are waterproof and secured against dust.

In addition to the high output power and wide tuning range, the channel spacing is also selectable to be 12.5, 20 or 25 kHz. The SRL-35 is equipped with a LCD Display and a keypad used to indicate the current operating status, to change the operating channel, to adjust the power level and to set radio protocols (Satel/PDL/TrimTalk**).


The cost of operation is either free of charge or has a license fee, depending upon the local radio regulation in your region. The SRL-35 radio modem provides a reliable and real-time data communication over distances ranging from hundreds of metres up to 80 kilometres (optimal field conditions) .

The SRL-35 radio modem used in networks are flexible, easy to expand and can cover a wide variety of solutions from simple point-to-point connections to large networks comprising hundreds of modems. Even for expanded networks, only one operating frequency is required. In a SRL-35 network, any substation can function as a repeater, too. In this operating mode (store and forward), the radio modem receives a message, buffers the received data, and transmits it further to another substation, using the same radio channel as in reception.

With the SRL-35 the error rate is minimized by means of advance checking and correction of the data packets. In Forward Error Correction (FEC), the data packets are split in several blocks. The radio modem adds correction information inside the blocks during transmission.

** Use of PDL and Satel protocols is recommended in applications where possible. Compatibility with TrimTalk is subject to some restrictions. 

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