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Topcon GB-3 (Previously Available)

Flexible GNSS receiver suitable for multiple uses.

Features & Benefits

  • G3 dual frequency receiver
  • Flexible system
  • Suitable for base station static or backpack solutions
  • 72 Universal Channels
  • Selectable Port Configuration

Tracing it’s heritage back to the original Topcon Legacy GNSS receiver systems, the GB-3 introduces the G3 technology to users who like to keep their options open when it comes to configurations. Featuring the 72 Universal Channel G3 Technology capable of receiving signals from satellite constellations GPS and GLONASS.

A stand alone receiver without internal antenna or modem, the GB-3 offers maximum flexibility for use as a reference stations, mobile base station for RTK, static or kinematic survey of RTK rover backpack solutions. Various port configurations are available with the two standard versions featuring a) 3 serial and 1 power port or option b) 2 serial, 1 power, Ethernet and USB ports.

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