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Topcon HiPer M (Previously Available)

HiPer M is a high performance dual frequency GNSS Receiver. 

Features & Benefits

  • Dual frequency GPS and GLONASS tracking capability
  • Fast satellite signal acquisition and re-acquisition
  • 20 satellite, all-in-view, tracking capability
  • 20 Hz RTK and update rate
  • Available with integral data radio
  • Scalable solution via software Option Authorization (OAF)

Based on Topcon's precision, dual frequency GPS and GLONASS technology, the HiPer M GNSS receiver offers centimeter level accuracy, update rates of up to 20 Hz along with integrated data communications.

The HiPer M's mechanical and electrical design is optimized to provide reliable operation across a wide array of mobile positioning and navigation environments and can be configured either as a DGNSS base or rover unit.

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