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Topcon NET-G5

The NET-G5 is a GNSS reference receiver for many types of applications among other GNSS infrastructure network receivers, permanent reference stations, field (mobile) base stations and reference stations for scientific analysis.

The NET-G5 is capable of tracking all GNSS constellation including GPS, GLONASS, Beidou, Galileo, QZSS as well as SBAS using 452-Channel Vanguard Technology with Universal Tracking Channels. In short, the NET-G5 has a rugged and integrated design with longer operating time and high reliability. The NET-G5 supports an extended communication option with advanced web-server functionality.

Features & Benefits

  • 452-Channel Vanguard Technology with Universal Tracking Channels
  • Superior signal tracking across the entire GNSS spectrum
  • High-precision code and carrier phase measurements up to 100 Hz
  • Built-in Bluetooth® and Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Integrated web interface with advanced receiver management features
  • 32GB SDHC storage support
  • Low power consumption
  • Receiver operation using integrated batteries
  • Support for external power supply and Power over Ethernet

Leading Reference Station Receiver

Using Topcon’s premium Vanguard and Universal Tracking Channel technologies, the NET-G5 GNSS receiver incorporates 452 channels capable of tracking multi-frequency signals from all GNSS constellations including GPS, GLONASS, SBAS, QZSS, Galileo and Beidou.  This includes all modernized GNSS signals.   

The NET-G5 is all about Connectivity!

The NET-G5 receiver offers a complete system connectivity solution by allowing the receiver to be accessed via Ethernet, Wi-Fi, or Bluetooth as well as by using standard serial or USB connections. The NET-G5 can also serve as a USB Host and provides a new web-based user interface that offers flexible configuration options and portability. The USB Host feature allows the user to connect a USB memory stick or USB Mass Storage Device (UMS) to the NET-G5 receiver as well. The UMS provides a simple solution for transferring raw data files from the receiver’s SD card, or extending the NET-G5 with a semi-permanent high capacity storage option. The NET-G5 supports flash-based UMS devices as well as hard drive-based UMS devices.

The NET-G5 allows receiver management through a web interface. Can't get any easier than that!

Advanced Geodetic Antennas

Premium positioning technology, extended communication support, advanced web-server capability, longer operating time, and high-reliability put the NET-G5 receiver a step ahead of the competition.  When paired with one of Topcon’s industry-leading geodetic antenna (CR-G5/CR-G5-C and PN-A5/PN-A5-C), the NET-G5 receiver provides the ultimate GNSS networking and infrastructure solution available in the market today.

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