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Topcon Tesla RTK (Previously Available)

The Topcon Tesla RTK receiver has been impressively improved upon from a hand-held Topcon Tesla field controller.  We have taken the proven technology from our popular GRS-1 Network Receiver and integrated it's powerful GNSS board into the multi-purpose Topcon Tesla field controller.

Features & Benefits

  • Integrated RTK GNSS receiver
  • Large 5.7” VGA Color Touchscreen
  • Fast 806MHz processor
  • 3.2MP Camera (option) 256MB RAM, 4GB flash storage
  • 3G Cellular module (option)
  • Internal GPS 2-5m accuracy (option)
  • Built-in Bluetooth® and WiFi connectivity
  • Windows® Mobile 6.5.3 Professional

Purpose Built

The GNSS processing power of a tested Topcon GRS-1 network receiver added as a backpack to the clever form factor of a Tesla field controller.

Quickly add a rugged Topcon PG-S1 external antenna on top of your rover pole and at just 2.4 pounds (1.1 kg), you are staring at a crisp, large screen ready to tackle any project within any Real Time GNSS Network. 

Topcon Tesla RTK

The largest screen handheld controller on the market that can also be utilize as a network RTK rover. This is the best controller to maximize the MAGNET Field user experience.

Using touchscreen technology, the Topcon Tesla RTK features direct touch access to all graphic controls. This 5.7” display is the main selling feature of this product while the Windows 6.5.3 OS provides a modern operating environment and added expandability with other application software. With modern icon functionality, the Topcon Tesla allows for the quick and easy processing of higher resolution images. The fast 806MHz processor drives any of the Topcon field application software with ease.

With the addition of a built-in 3.2MP camera, 3.5G cellular modem and Bluetooth/WiFi ability, the Tesla RTK is an essential addition to any surveyor’s arsenal. Both Bluetooth and WiFi are standard features of the new Tesla RTK eliminating the need for expensive upgrades. Devices can be used in a typical Hotspot environment to perform all the functions of a tablet PC.

Fast 806 MHz Processor

The Windows Mobile 6.5.3 operating system provides a modern operating environment and added expandability with other application software. The fast 806MHz processor drives any of the Topcon field application software with ease.

Internal GPS Antenna

The internal antenna option provides a navigational GPS functionality that is capable of accuracies in the 2-5 meter range, with real-time SBAS/WAAS. This internal GPS can be used for navigation or general positioning. This GPS position can be used with MAGNET software to place your position displayed on BING Maps overlay. The Tesla is a great solution for GIS positioning and data collection. See yourself on the live updating aerial map.

Waterproof and Rugged

The Topcon Tesla RTK is rated at IP67, which means it can be submersed in water and still run. The unit also can be dropped from four feet and still operate. The reliability of this device in the field is unsurpassed.

Large 5.7” Color Screen

Better visibility of your controls and jobsite features. Software applications, on-screen keyboards, and graphics become easier to use with this large sun-light readable screen. The screen is strategically placed in perfect location for finger scrolling of Windows bars and direct touch access to all graphical controls.

3.5G Cellular Modem

The optional internal cellular modem is a global modem capable of data communication only. There is no phone dialing capability. The only voice communication available would have to be via VOIP. The modem is a penta-band GSM/GPRS/EDGE/HSDPA, 850/900/1800/1900/2100 MHz modem.

Built in USB Flash Drive

Use the USB port to quickly and easily copy on or off files. This design also provides rugged protection, as the USB interface is sealed separately from the main device.

Long Range Bluetooth®

Consider using the Tesla in long range bluetooth applications, such as with robotic instruments and GPS rovers.

Built-in Camera

A 3.2MP camera with auto focus picture taking ability. That is why we built-in 4Gb of flash storage. Store hundreds of photos, and if you fill the memory, simply use a common USB flash drive to offload images.

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