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Compactor - 2D

Spread and place material fast and accurately with Topcon’s laser indicate systems for compactors. Product options are available to meet every budget and job application.

Features & Benefits

  • 360° beam detection
  • adjustable on-grade accuracy
  • alkaline or rechargeable battery operation
  • water and dust proof cast construction
  • bright multi-color LED display
  • four adjustable on-grade accuracies from .1" for tight tolerances to 1.17" for rough work. 

Built-to-use – built-to-last Topcon's LS-B100 / 110 series are advanced technology, value-priced laser receivers for not only your compactor, but for your dozer, scraper, excavator, backhoe, and drag-box. All LS-B100 / LS-B110 receivers feature simple.

LS-B100 Economy Indicate Package

Looking for a great value on a Laser Sensor for your earth moving machines? Check out the LS-B100. Fast to set up and easy to use, this affordable grade control sensor can be mounted to your compactor and working within minutes. The LS-B100 laser receiver’s bright LED grade lights give the operator continuous grade position. This unit has an Accuracy Adjustment Mode and Battery Life Indicator. Plus, it has a Power Save/Auto Cut Off function to save your battery life. The LS-B100 is a low-cost grade indicate solution that makes any operator more productive. And you are not just limited to your compactor. This equipment does it all on virtually all your machines. Put the LS-B100 on your Dozer, then move it to your Scraper, and then onto your Excavator.

LS-B110W Receiver with RD-100 Remote Display

When “in-the-cab” grade lights are preferred, the LS-B110W laser receiver can be wirelessly connected to RD-100 Remote Display, putting the Laser Sensors information in the cab of the machine. Productivity increases on the job because the operator focuses on the grade information and not the Sensor itself. With the one touch "On Grade" matching feature, the operator can make fine adjustments of the "On Grade" position up to 7.5cm (3”) without leaving the seat. No need to climb down to adjust the laser height or move the Sensor on the machine. The LS-B110W also has a Plumb Indicator to help keep your dozer blade level while cutting flat pads. When you move the LS-B11W to your excavator, the Plumb Indicator can be used to get the stick vertical when checking grade. 

Laser Trackerjack with 9256 Single System Five Control Box

When job conditions require multiple elevation changes, nothing beats Topcon’s System Five and unique Laser Trackerjack Receiver. Get the World’s largest elevation adjustment capability with a lightweight, simple to take on-off design. Whether switching between laser transmitters, or changing pad elevations, the motorized Trackerjack provides 1.3 meters (5 feet) of elevation adjustment right from the cab. And System Five is packed with features like Elevation Offsets, allowing the operator to switch between 3 different elevation settings with a push of a button. System Five can be used as an indicate system on your compactor, and then move it to your Dozer for full automatic laser control.    

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