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Compact in design with integrated handle and weighing only 5.7 lbs., the RL-VH4DR is truly a portable and easy to set up laser transmitter. 

Features & Benefits:

  • Redbeamversion
  • GreenBeam® version
  • SmartScan® beam control with line drawing
  • Remotecontrolcapabilities



If you’re looking for exceptional value and more options in your Construction Lasers... look to Topcon. Topcon’s new RL-VH4 Laser Series lets you pick the tool that is best for your job and your budget. 

Choices are Good

You can select from either a Red or GreenBeam® and either an Interior or General Construction model. All of the RL-VH4 Lasers are multi-purpose, accurate and durable.

Fastest Setup

These Lasers are made for fast setup time. The Electronic Self Leveling feature puts you a buttons push away from getting to work.

Easy to Use

Need a Laser that’s easy to use? You can do Horizontal, Vertical or Plumb jobs and get the productivity boost you have come to expect from Topcon.

Excellent Return on Investment

The RL-VH4 Laser Series are ultimately designed and built for one thing... to make you more money! Contact your local Topcon representative and prove to yourself that these new lasers are the best choice for all of your projects.

Complete, dependable, durable, accurate, visible and affordable. 

Now you have the power to work the way you always wanted to work!

The RL-VH4 Multi-Purpose Lasers offers you three power options for convenience and flexibility: Alkaline, rechargeable and AC run/charge.

The RL-VH4 Laser Series provides up to twice as many hours of operation from one set of alkaline batteries than other lasers. Four times more visible with the GreenBeam® version.

This is the power you need... 

Increase your productivity with Topcon....


Topcon’s SmartScan® lets you draw a line of focused laser light on any surface, to any length you need. It stays there as long as you need, until you release it using the target plate. 


Set up within 5 degrees of level and push the power button. RL-VH4DR features fast self-leveling (under 5 seconds) so it will be spinning and ready to go to work when you are. 

Vertical Alignment

Use the 90 degree plumb beam to easily square walls and align wall track. Simply place the optional vertical target on your line, place the RL-VH4DR at
the other end, and use the manual slope buttons, or included RC-40 Remote Control to center the beam on the target. 

RC-40 Remote Control 

The RC-40 Remote Control gives you real control over your work by using radio communication giving you a 100m working range. 

Why green?

It’s brighter. Up to four times brighter than conventional beams.

As the chart shows, your eye sees certain wavelengths of light better that others, with the mid-500 nanometer range being the most visible. That’s why Topcon developed the GreenBeam®.

You can see the GreenBeam® anywhere under any conditions.
Set the laser up for best coverage every time, no need to worry about windows or other lighted areas. You’re using the beam instead of losing it, so the job gets done fas 

The Leader in Positioning Technology...

Topcon offers products that deliver unparalleled performance and integration. With its history of technological advances and reputation for superior reliability, Topcon is the “Total Positioning Solution”.

From survey to inspection Topcon provides the innovative technology that gives surveyors, civil engineers, contractors, and equipment operators an unbeatable competitive edge. Topcon’s precise positioning instruments, available through our network of worldwide dealers, will improve productivity, lower operating costs, enhance job site safety and increase profits.

The goal of Topcon is to provide full positioning integration field-to-finish. When it’s time to step up to the next level ... it’s time to turn to Topcon.

The Leader in Customer Satisfaction...

To ensure that your Topcon laser maintains peak performance, your local Topcon dealer offers factory trained and certified service technicians. 

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