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9169 (GX-60) Control Box

The GX-60 graphical computer display was designed for rugged machine environments. Bluetooth, Ethernet, and USB ports are available for future wireless machine applications.

Features & Benefits

  • The high-resolution, bright, color, touch screen display easily adapts to a variety of machine applications, providing the operator with easy-to-view graphical information
  • Bluetooth, Ethernet, and USB ports provide communication access between the control box and external devices (wireless or plug-n-play). Internal Blue tooth wireless technology provides scalability for future wireless machine applications. The USB port is accessible on the front of the control box providing quick access to save and download files, and to connect an external device (such as a USB keyboard or mouse)
  • Adjustable side or rear mounting options secure the control box in the cab. The clamps provide easy attachment at the beginning of the day and easy removal for storage at the end of the day
  • All cables attach in the back and remove easily with quick-disconnect connectors
  • A internal battery pack prevents data loss in the event of power interruptions


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