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Sonic Tracker II

Features & Benefits:

  • High-resolution sonics for application versatility. Use references such as: elevated stringline, surface string, poured curbs, or existing surface
  • Rugged cast housing with completely sealed internal electronics
  • Easy to attach and position over reference
  • Bright grade indication LED’s display continuous grade information 
  • Snap on temperature bail
  • Field replaceable sonic transducers



The Sonic Tracker IITM measures and controls the elevations of the cylinder. A transducer, located in the bottom of the Sonic Tracker II, generates sound pulses like a speaker and listens for returned echoes like a microphone. The Tracker measures the distance, controlling grade from a physical grade reference, such as a curb, stringline, or existing road surface. A temperature bail compensates for rapid air temperature changes. In milling applications, always use a temperature bail. Figure 1-4

The Sonic Tracker II attaches to the system through one quick- connect cable and attaches to the machine with a single bolt. At the end of the day, remove the Sonic Tracker II for proper storage in the carrying case. 

Smoothtrac Sonic Averaging System (SAS)


The Smoothtrac® Sonic Averaging System (SAS) is an elevation control system that combines multiple Sonic Tracker II's together to calculate an average of the physical reference (Figure 1-6). Each tracker sends its distance measurement to the Control Box which then averages the measurements and sends a correction signal to the cylinder.

The Smoothtrac SAS replaces mechanical skis that drag on the ground. The Smoothtrac connects to the Control Box through the tracker cable. 

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