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Topcon is proud to announce the new improvements to our 2D Paving product range. P-32 has been brought to a new level with the brand new ST-3 Sonic Tracker. 

Features & Benefits

  • Multiple Transducers
  • Advanced Digital Signal Processing
  • Routine Transducer Replacement Not Required
  • Environmental Specs IP67
  • Position indication on stringline
  • Wide range linear detection on stringline
  • Works better in tight areas
  • Smoother and faster

ST-3 Sonic Tracker:

Utilizing multiple transducers, the ST-3 will show the horizontal offset on a stringline, while updating the control box with accurate elevation information over the whole detection range. 

Its eliptical detection zone combined with the twice as fast pulsing transducers will provide a smoother and more predictable reaction to the detected surface. Smooth and fast goes hand-in-hand. 

With the narrow detection zone, it can detect the target you aim for in very tight situations, without the need to lower the sensor.

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