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Topcon AT-B Series Auto Levels

The AT-B is always ready to work when you need it most.

Features & Benefits:

  • Durable, Dependable, High Value Auto Levels
  • 3 Models - 32x, 28x, and 24x Magnifications
  • Rapid, Accurate, and Stable Automatic Compensation
  • Ultra-Short 20cm (7.9 in.) Focusing
  • All-Weather Dependability
  • Clampless, Endless Fine Horizontal Adjustments 

Utilizing a finely tuned magnetic damping system, AT-B series automatic levels quickly level and stabilize the line of sight. These precision instruments ensure reliable leveling even when working near heavy equipment or busy highways where fine vibrations could be present. The automatic levels feature IPX6 protection against powerful water jets from all directions and are fully resistant to driving rain and splashing water.

Durable, Dependable, High Value

Topcon's AT-B sereis auto levels represents the highest accuracy and vaule in auto level technology.  Only Topcon with 80 years of expereince manufacturing the World's most precise Optical Survey Instruments can offer the precision, durability and advanced technology.

3 Models 32X, 28X, and 24X Magnifications

Topcon offers three different models depending on your application.  The Topcon optics are superior in low light low conditions.

Rapid, Stable, and Durable Compensator

The compensator of AT-B Series incorporates four suspension wires made of super-high-tensile metal that features minimal thermal expansion coefficient, providing unmatched durability and accuracy. Finely tuned magnetic damping system quickly levels and stabilizes the line of sight despite the fine vibrations present when working near heavy equipment or busy roadways. 

Horizontal Circle for Angle Measurement 

Horizontal angles can be directly read in 1° or 1gon units. Free rotation feature allows you to read any angle from zero. The circle is covered for protection against dirt and scratch. The readout window is located below the eyepiece for quick reading. 

20cm (7.9 in.) - Ultra-Short Minimum Focus

The AT-B Series can focus on objects at 20cm (7.9 in.) in front of the telescope. This feature dramatically facilitates the works in confined spaces. 

All-Weather Dependability

With the IPX6 rating, the instrument is protected against powerful water jets from all directions, meaning the AT-B Series withstands a sudden shower or torrential rainfall. The advanced protection design also deters clouding or condensation inside the telescope. 

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