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Topcon DL-500 Series Digital Levels

Topcon DL-500 series digital levels maximize work efficiency and minimize human error, providing consistent measurement precision and speed, regardless of operator skill. 

Features & Benefits

  • One Button Triggers Measurement and Data Storage
  • 0.6mm/0.8mm Height Accuracy
  • “Wave-and-Read” Technology Guarantees Easy and Accurate Measurement
  • Pre-installed Measurement Programs, Height Difference Measurement
  • Inverse Staff Reading for Ceiling Height
  • Internal Memory 

Single Button Operation

After focusing on the staff, just press one button. The DL-500 reads height and distance, and stores data. Auto levels require you to read the graduations on the staff with your own eye, but digital technology eliminates misreading and reduces operator’s eye fatigue. 

 High Accuracy! 0.6mm/0.8mm

Two models are available for different accuracy requirements.

  • DL-502: 0.6mm (Invar staff), 1.0mm (fiberglass staff)
  • DL-503: 0.8mm (Invar staff), 1.5mm (fiberglass staff)

 World’s First “Wave-and-Read” Technology 

Topcon DL-500 series digital levels maximize work efficiency and minimize human error, providing consistent measurement precision and speed, regardless of operator skill.

Incorporating cutting-edge Random-Bidirectional (RAB) coding technology, an optimized digital processing algorithm, the DL-500 provides exceptional measurement accuracy, stability and speed, under a variety of environmental conditions. Even when the staff surface is partially shaded, or in dim lighting conditions as low as 20 lux, a single button triggers measurement and the DL-500 instantly provides reliable results.

The world’s first “Wave-and-Read” technology provides an additional survey style option that allows a rod operator to wave the staff forward and back, instead of keeping the staff plumb. This simpler method is faster, easier, minimizes the fatigue and is just as accurate.

Pre-installed measurement programs

Pre-installed measurement programs assist various leveling tasks and accompanied calculations. Internal memory stores field data, and can be directly transferred to your computer via serial cable, eliminating human error. 


Calculates elevation of foresight (FS) with reference to backsight (BS) elevation.  Elevation of the turning point (TP) is used for a new backsight, allowing for consecutive leveling.

Height Difference
Automatically displays the height difference between backsight (BS) and foresight (FS) in 0.1mm or 1mm (0.001ft. or 0.01ft.) unit.

Cut and Fill

Cut and fill stakeout routines facilitate slope work. Measurement can be taken with 0.1mm or 1mm (0.001ft. or 0.01ft.) resolutions.

Ceiling Height

Two measurements provide a ceiling height; one with a staff placed on the ground, the other with an inverted staff put onto the ceiling. Ceiling elevation can also be calculated with reference to the benchmark elevation. 

Measures Ceiling Height! Inverse Staff Reading

The DL-500 can read the RAB-code staff in the inverted position.
This feature dramatically facilitates height measurement of ceilings, tree branches, road signs, bridges, tunnel crowns, and other structures.

Internal Memory and Easy Data Transfer!

DL-500 stores the data for up to 2,000 measurements.
DL TOOL software transfers data to your computer in CSV format, via serial cable.


Maximum Reliability! Field-proven Compensator

Incorporating a field-proven pendulum compensator with magnetic damping system, the DL-500 provides the stability you need when working on busy roads or bridges subject to vibrations.

Practical Measurement Programs! No Need for Calculators

Onboard programs support various measurement routines such as elevation, height difference, ceiling height, as well as cut/fill and stakeout in horizontal distance.


* DL TOOL is available at

Standard Configuration Optional Accessories

  • DL-502/503 Digital Level unit
  • BDC46B Li-ion battery
  • CDC68 charger
  • EDC113AC power cable
  • Hex wrench
  • Vinyl cover
  • User manual
  • Carrying case 

Optional Accesories

  • BIS30 Invar RAB-code staff
  • BGS40A Fiberglass RAB-code staff
  • BAS55 Aluminum RAB-code staff
  • F-4/F-24 Interface cable

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