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Topcon DS-200 Series Total Stations

The DS series total station can be configured as a mid-range, on-board data collection, auto-pointing total station, and later upgraded to a fully robotic instrument. Further options, such as an RC-5 for Quick Lock or Hybrid Positioning can be added, making this the most versatile instrument on the market. Versatility to meet your needs. A professional motorized total station. This is a mid-ranged product for the construction professional that is looking for productivity enhancement with servo motors with Xpointing technology as well as MAGNET on-board software. This rugged waterproof designed total station has the latest technology of TSshield advanced security and maintenance, and exclusive LongLink communications.

  • Auto-tracking firmware upgrade available
  • Ready for Hybrid Positioning
  • Optional RC-5 for Quick Lock
  • Fast and Powerful EDM - 1,000m non-prism
  • Exclusive LongLink Communications
  • TSshield Advanced Security

Data Collection Software

The MAGNET On-Board software boasts an intuitive graphical interface to assist with topography and traverse surveys, as well as staking out complex structures. This rugged, waterproof total station has the latest technology of TSshieldTM advanced security and maintenance, and exclusive LongLinkTM communications.

Hybrid Ready

The Topcon DS total station can be upgraded with auto-tracking firmware to make it the ideal base instrument for a Hybrid Robotic System. Pairing a tough and durable Topcon HiPer SR job site receiver on top of the prism makes this versatile system one of the most productive land measurement systems available.

Xpointing Technology (Auto Collimating)

The Topcon DS unitizes Xpointing technology featuring a new intelligent algorithm that automatically aims to the prisms with precise corrected angle readings. In experienced users will find that the DS finds and centers on the prism quicker than by hand. The Xpointing technology works in dim or dark conditions where the prism is difficult to be found. Whatever the job requires the DS makes your job done easier and faster while still maintaining accuracy.

Fast and Powerful EDM

The 1,000 m (3,280 ft) Non-Prism is a phase shift EDM that has a smaller beam width then other non-prism instruments in this class. Measurements can be as fast as .9 seconds in the fine mode. The Topcon algorithm reduces the noise associated with non prism measurements providing an accurate result to most surfaces over longer distance. This is true for darker surfaces and wet surfaces where other non-prism fail. Our smaller beam width allows Topcon to get measurements to a fence as well as through the fence to a building behind. 5,000m is the distance to a prism.

Exclusive LongLinkTM Communications 300m

When connected with external data collector the LonglinkTM communication provides the power at the remote rod position. The remote operator can record the data for codes and rod heights for as-builts eliminating most common errors. For stakeout the remote operator can view directions required to find the stake point. The system becomes an economical robotic system where the instrument man simple needs to follow, and aim on the remote prism. No need to focus on the prism, the DS with XPointing feature finds the center of the prism automatically.

TSshieldTM Advanced Security and Maintenance

Every instrument has a telematics card installed that will communicate to the Topcon servers every day. Topcon can then review if the total station has any error codes from the day before, what firmware version is installed, as well as the total station location. From this information Topcon can send a message to the total station and advise the operator if a newer version is available. Topcon is providing 3 years worth of telematics at no charge to the customer for this data

Rugged Waterproof IP65 design

Provides protection from the driving rain for all weather as well as dust

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