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Topcon GPT-3500 Series Total Stations

This GPT-3500 is a mid-ranged product for the construction/mining professional that is looking for the power of a 2000 meter refelectorless EDM with data collection on-board.  This rugged waterproof designed total station has Bluetooth to connect an external data controller.

The GPT-3500 provides superior performance and quality backed by Topcon’s Long Range reflector less technologies.

Features & Benefits

  • Fast and Powerful pulse EDM
    • 2000m Non-Prism (6,560 ft)
    • 3000m Prism (9,842 ft)
  • Built-in wireless Bluetooth®
  • Battery 5 hours
  • Rugged Waterproof IP66 design
  • Laser pointer (Red Coaxial)
  • On-Board TopField application software standard
  • Guide Lights Red LED
  • Internal 24,000 pts
  • RS-232 Hirose connector
  • LCD graphic display,
  • Horizontal and Vertical Locking Tangents
  • Temperature specification –20°C to +50°C (–4°F to +122°F)
  • 24 key keyboard, with alphanumeric input and 4-function keys

Fast and Powerful EDM

The 2000m (6,560 ft) Non-Prism is a pulse EDM that can measure further than non-prism instruments in this class. The Topcon algorithm reduces the noise associated with non prism measurements providing an accurate result to most surfaces over longer distance. This is true for darker surfaces and wet surfaces where other non-prism fail. Incorporating Topcon’s advanced time-of-flight (pulse) technology, the GPT-3500 offers both of superior performance and maximum safety with its Class I safe laser. This allows safe use even in areas with heavy traffic. 3000m (9,842 ft) is the distance to a prism.

Long Life Battery 5 hours

The 5 hours provides for almost a ½ days worth of work in the field before you need to recharge. .

Rugged Waterproof IP66 design

Provides protection from the driving rain for all weather as well as dust

Laser pointer (Red Coaxial)

Our red laser pointer is coaxial through the scope making indoor measurements very quick or in limited sunlight and short distance can assist the remote rod man.

Guide Lights Red LED

Provide the remote rod man with direction to approximately find the horizontal line. This feature is extremely helpful during stakeout to quickly find line without communication with the instrument man or for trying to find the horizontal angle (line) when cutting brush for a traverse line.

RS-232 Hirose connector

Is provided for connecting to an older data collector that does not have Bluetooth or to transfer data to a computer. This would also allow the instrument to connect to Tunneling and Mining Programs

LCD graphic display

Both sides of the GPT-3500 total station have the same display for those jobs that require inverting the telescope. This allows the operator to read the display or press the required keys to record measurements without having to turn the instrument. Great for those days when you need to turn multiple angles/distances to traverse points.

TopField / Road Software with Alphanumeric Keyboard

The onboard “TopField” and “Road” software dramatically increases efficiency in topo data collection, construction layout, as well as road stakeout tasks. The 24-key alphanumeric keyboard allows for quick inputting of point numbers, codes, attributes, and other necessary data.

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