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Topcon GTS-250 Series Total Stations

The GTS-250 series combines Topcon's tradition of rugged field-ready quality and accuracy and places it in an economical, compact design perfect for everyday measuring and positioning applications such as topo and construction layout.

Features & Benefits

  • Economical, value priced measuring solution
  • Superior Waterproof and Dustproof (IP54)
  • High Accuracy & Long Measuring Range
  • Dual-Axis Tilt Sensor
  • On-board programs with 24,000 points data storage
  • Ideal construction total station

On-board data collection, Survey, Layout, Road Calculation, and many more functions.

Superior Waterproof & Dustproof

  • GTS-250 series waterproof and dustproof rateing is IP54. This allows you to continue to your job when the weather slightly changes to a raining condition.

High Accuracy & Long Measuring Range

  • High accuracy: ±(2mm+2ppm x D) m.s.e.
  • Long distance: 2,000m with a Single Prism.

Enhanced Absolute Encoder

  • GTS-250 Series adopted an absolute encoder system, which doesn’t require 0 set and realizes stable measurement with less reading error.

Dual-axis tilt sensor

  • The dual-axis tilt sensor monitors inclination of both the X and Y axes,and the correct horizontal and vertical angle readings automatically.

Extra-large memory capacity for 24,000 points

  • GTS-250 Series store the measured data up to 24,000 points.

Versatile Application Functions

On-board data collection, Survey, Layout, Road Calculation, and many more functions.

LAYOUT function

  • Layout function for coordinate measurement and control stakeout and resection measurements.

ROAD function

  • Road function automatically calculates parameters of a complicated spiralcurve and a long distance route simply by defining the start point, end point and curve elements.

Remote Elevation Measurement (R.E.M.)

  • To easily determine the height of a point where a prism cannot be placed. Take a distance to a prism placed either directly above or directly below the target point, then sight to the target point.

Missing Line Measurement (M.L.M.)

  • To measure horizontal distance, slope distance and height difference between two prisms.

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