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Topcon PS Series Robotic Total Stations

A PS-Series Total Station is professional robotic total station for the surveying professional that is looking for a one-man solution . 

Features & Benefits

  • TSshield™
  • Advanced PowerTrac Tracking
  • Fast and Powerful EDM
  • Longlink Communication
  • Advanced Angle Accuracy
  • Rugged Waterproof IP65 design
  • MAGNET On-board
  • Hybrid ready ?

Topcon PS robotic total station product video (3 min, 26 sec)


Your Productivity, Our Technology

This rugged, waterproof designed total station has the latest technology of TSshield™ advanced security and maintenance, exclusive LongLink™ communications and Topcon RC-5 remote with a quick-lock function--providing features that are not found in other systems.


TSshield™ Advanced Security and Maintenance

Total stations have a telematics card installed that will communicate to the Topcon servers every day. Topcon can then review if the total station has any error codes from the day before, what firmware version is installed, as well as the total station location. From this information Topcon can send a message to the total station and advise the operator if a newer version is available.  Topcon is providing 3 years worth of telematics at no charge to the customer for this data

PowerTrac  Tracking Technology

The revolutionary PowerTrac engine dramatically increases power for prism tracking.  Employing entirely new optics, laser system, and further advanced algorithms,  PowerTrac  provides the PS Series with unsurpassed ability to keep tracking a moving prism even under the toughest environmental conditions.

Fast and Powerful EDM

The 1000m (3,280 ft) Non-Prism is a phase shift EDM that has a smaller beam width then other non-prism instruments in this class.  Measurements can be as fast as 0.9 seconds in the fine mode.  The Topcon algorithm reduces the noise associated with non prism measurements providing an accurate result to most surfaces over longer distance.  This is true for darker surfaces and wet surfaces where other non-prism fail.  Our smaller beam width allows Topcon to get measurements to a fence as well as through the fence to a building behind. 6000m (19,680 ft) is the distance to a prism. Almost twice the distance as the competition!

Exclusive LongLink™ Communications 600m (1,968 ft)

When connected with external data collector the Longlink™ communication provides license free communication.  The Longlink communication is built in to the RC-5.  The RC-5 has the ability to send a signal to the total station to quickly re-acquire the prism.

Advanced Angle Accuracy

Our advanced encoder technology provides “Best in class” 1 second angle accuracy.  Technology allows the instrument to calibrate its own angle measurement system automatically.

Rugged Waterproof IP65 design

Provides protection from the driving rain for all weather as well as dust

MAGNET ™ Software

Powerful and intuitive field application software that enables users to collect survey mapping data and perform construction and road layout using the PS total station. Software package is graphical and intuitive. Paired with the Tesla data collector provides the surveyor with a powerful tool.


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