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C-63 Intelligent Compaction System


Our modern C-63 compaction systems go beyond simple pass count registry. Through secure connectivity to the global Sitelink3D service, each compactor not only performs tasks faster, but also becomes part of the overall project like never before. 

Intelligent Compaction Compliant

Our system kits include a temperature and stiffness sensor for HMA and soil jobs making the C-63 fully compliant with the definition of "Intelligent Compaction" as set forth by the US Federal Highway Administration.

For more info on Intelligent Compaction, visit the link below:

Combining the new sensor packages with the pass count tracking capability, compaction has become more efficient than ever. At the same time, the updated C-63 system drastically improves the quality of compaction and jobs can be completed up to 30% faster.

In asphalt paving, it is very likely there are multiple rollers working together when compacting a road or parking lot.  For accurate compaction, it is crucial for each operator to be able to see not only their passes, but those made by other machines. The real-time connection with our Sitelink3D Enterprise module allows this to happen, ensuring under or over compaction is now a thing of the past.

It is not often that quality and efficiency go hand in hand, but with the new C-63 system you will see this is exactly what happens on a compaction project. Work will be completed sooner and contractors will achieve optimal pass counts every time.


• Leveraging multiple integrated temperature sensors, each compactor achieves consistent results through constant feedback into the system.

 • Ruggedized GNSS technology provides accurate pass counts, geographic locations of each run, as well as georeferenced task assignments and completion.

 • State of the art accelerometer that performs in all conditions to deliver confident surface stiffness values that ensure you are achieving regulatory intelligent compaction standards.

 • Connectivity to our Sitelink3D Enterprise service promotes each machine to then take advantage of 24/7 access to project data, team collaboration, custom reporting, as well as standard export to Veta analysis software. 

Real-Time Quality Control:

Using SiteLink3D Enterprise, all project data is available to every project stakeholder, all the time. Operators, Field Supervisors and even Project Supervisors back in the office have full visibility to all project data, updated in real time. This allows you to maximize efficiency on the job.

Real-time updating means you can be 

  • Pro-Active - No need to wait for the report until the end of the day, you can deal with issues as they arise and prevent many others.
  • Efficient - Seeing each other's results prevents the operator from repeating what is already done.
  • Profitable - Achieve optimum compaction with confidence avoiding penalties for poor compaction quality.

Sitelink3D Enterprise connectivity:

The C-63 can run in standalone mode but can also connect to Sitelink3D Enterprise. The web interface not only provides visibility of all real-time mapping synchronization, but is also the place where you can monitor all values and create reports for later analyses. Using Sitelink3D Enterprise, your roller will be part of an online complete job site management and planning environment long with other machines.

Deliverable Reports:

  • Pass Count Report
    Evaluate the number of passes for each roller on each task.
  • Temperature Report
    A unique overview of temperature changes by pass.
  • Surface Stiffness Report
    A detailed report of stiffness data across the project.
  • Stiffness Passcount Trend Report
    Compare the performance of rollers and determine at which pass count was the target stiffness reached.
  • PLN Report
    Download the PLN files to import data into VETA software which is the standard software used by most DOTs for project data analysis.

C-63 Intelligent Compaction System configuration:

3DMC Overview:

Temperature Sensor Kits

The temperature sensor allows operators to compact with confidence, allowing the operator to know when he is operating in the optimal temperature range for compaction.This makes it easy to create quality based rolling patterns.

Stiffness Sensor

On both soil jobs, and HMA jobs, the new stiffness sensor tells the operator precisely when he hits the optimal ICMV (Intelligent Compaction Measurement Value) as set by the project Quality Assurance/Quality Control team. This prevents over-compaction which can result in a lower quality finished surface. This also can save the contractor thousands of dollars over the length of a project by preventing unnecessary passes

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