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Milling 2D

The industry-standard for elevation and slope control for asphalt milling patented Sonic Averaging System (SAS) provides smoother results offsets allow for any chosen mill depth durable components, time-tested system delivers ultimate reliability.

Features & Benefits:

  • The industry-standard for asphalt milling
  • Track existing surface or string line
  • Adjustable Mill depths
  • Durable, time-tested components
  • Plug and Play components 



Sonic Tracker®

  • Reference: elevated stringline, surface string, poured curbs, or an existing surfaces
  • Rugged Cast Housing With Completely Sealed internal electronics
  • Easy To Attach and position over Reference
  • Bright grade indication LED’s 

Sonic Averaging System (SAS)

  • Industry’s first choice as a non-contacting system  
  • Continuously measure the elevation over the surface 
  • Automatically averages and adjusts tow point cylinder. 
  • The SAS is convenient, maneuverable and produces a great finished surface. 

9256 Control Box

  • Large, backlit grade LCD
  • Bright, multi-color LEDs display continuous grade information
  • Simple push button switches and grade knob operation 
  • Convenient, out-of-the-way mounting

Slope Sensor

  • Superior accuracy and response
  • Rugged sealed electronics
  • Compatible with System Four and System Five 
  • Temperature compensated sensing element
  • RS-485 and CAN communication

Industry Standard for Asphalt Milling

Topcon 2D systems for pavers and milling machines use time-tested patented sonic technology to deliver high accuracy year after year. The Sonic Averaging System (SAS) references any existing surface and continuously averages the four trackers, to provide superior results and continuously controls the elevation of the screed or mill head. 

Track Existing Surface or String-line

The Sonic Tracker™ allows the operator to track a string-line or any existing surface.  Simply adjust the Tracker height to the appropriate distance to read the surface.  Track existing curb and control the mill depth based of the curb. 

Define Mill Depth

The 9256 Control Box allows the operator to dial in a desired mill depth on the fly.  This gives the operator the ability to work and make adjustments on the fly keeping the down time ti a minimum.  Using the dials on the face of the control box will drive the cylinders up or down to control the mill depth throughout the project. 

Durable, time-tested components 

The 2D Milling machine uses the same time tested, field proven components as the System Five paver offered by Topcon.  These main components have been put through every scenario and every time perform above and beyond expectations. 

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