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SmoothRide Solution


The SmoothRide Modern Road Resurfacing System is purpose built for road resurfacing applications, where precise point data is collected with RD-M1 (Realistic Dimension - Mapping One) Road Resurfacing Scanner.  The data is then managed through Mobile Master Office software for point cloud creation which is used to create a surface design.  The points are then used in  MAGNET Office Site with Resurfacing software module to create a tailored design that meets specific criteria set for smoothness and material thickness requirements.  From the office to the field the design comes to life with RD-MC Control where paving and milling machines are guided with GNSS and Sonic tracker sensors for full 3D automation - delivering variable thickness paving and variable depth paving results.

Features & Benefits

• Fully automated system with GNSS and Sonic Tracker control
• Delivers accurate thickness boundaries while maintaining projected yield
• Eliminates the need for strings, skis, and lasers
• Easy surface data management and design
• Safely collect at speed without lane closures


SmoothRide System Components

The Data Collection System includes a Topcon GNSS System, Laser Profilers, Wheel Encoder and a Computer data collection system. The components are modular in design and easy to “plug and play”.  As a mobile surveying vehicle, the system generates a higher resolution topography map than conventional surveying methods in a fraction of the time with superior accuracy. The collected data file can be used in MAGNET Office Site with Resurfacing software for design applications.  The RD-M1 complies with commonly used agency specifications, test methods and certification requirements.

  • RD-M1 Scanning Unit
  • Wheel Encoder, hitch and mounting hardware
  • RD-M1 collect software
  • Mobile Master Office point data processing software
  • MAGNET Office Site with Resurfacing design software
  • 3DMC v11.2 or higher software with RD-MC activated OAF
  • (2) Sonic trackers
  • MC-R3 GNSS receiver
  • (2) MC-A1 receiver antennas
  • Junction box and system cabling for all components

RD-M1 Road Resurfacing Scanner

The RD-M1 Road Resurfacing Scanner connects to a standard tow hitch or the front of any vehicle with standard tow hooks (recommended) making the system easily removable and adaptable to almost any vehicle.  This eliminates the need for a dedicated vehicle to operate the RD-M1.

• Downward facing laser scanner for optimal road surface definition
• Scan at speed - no lane closures needed
• Collect millions of points safely from your vehicle
• Scan rates up to 100 times per second
• Easy installation and removal for daily use
• Intuitive data collection software

RD-MC Machine Control

The modern RD-MC control system is uniquely configured to get the most out of a well-known sonic tracker for tight vertical repeatability and GNSS to deliver deliberate 3D positional guidance. This fusion of technology provides the most versatile solution to accurately place or remove variable amounts of asphalt according to the design – the modern way to pave or mill.

• Variable depth milling
• Variable thickness paving
• Accounts for differential compaction
• Achieve a smooth ride in one lift
• TopNETlive GNSS network service, no base required
• Key piece in Topcon SmoothRide™ system workflow

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