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Mobile Master Field

With Mobile Master Field Software, easily monitor and control your IP-S3 data acquisition with a simple operational interface.

Features & Benefits

  • Simple, intuitive menu operation
  • Status of all connected sensors can be monitored in real-time
  • Play Back function allows for preview and verification in the field that all data has been measured 
  • Various icons available for viewing map data

Data Collection Mode

Collect data according to settings defined, view number of satellites received, or pause data collection in this mode.

Playback Mode

Verify before returning to the office that the running route or target objects were successfully measured.

Settings Mode

Create, save and output running routes and configure data collection conditions. Confirm the firmware version of your timing box and set spherical camera settings such as Exposure, Shutter, and Frame Rate.

Operation Check

Verify that all sensors are running normally before starting data collection.Tap the following icons for each component: System, Workflow, Vehicle, GNSS, Encoder, IMU, Camera, and Scanner.

Graphical Icons

Utilize the 3D view, Map View, Current Position and Rotate Map icons to see your routes and data in various ways.

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