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MSP Mobile

MSP Rapid Mobile is a comprehensive system for monitoring the structural health of major infrastructure such as bridges, buildings, tunnles, viaducts dams on a periodic basis. This software operates on Topcon and Sokkia data collectors that run Microsoft Mobile 5 or Higher.

Features and Benefits

  • Automatically train prism points using Rapid 2D Scan
  • Import point file and monitor without a computer or data collector
  • View difference for residuals in the field 
  • Download data via USB stick
  • Send data to the Office via GPRS or WLAN for comparison
  • Analysis data with Rapid Star Pro Lite or Excel

Project and Settings

The MSP Rapid monitoring software allows the user to set up differnet projects as well as select/save settings for temperature, pressure, angle, units and coordiantes.

Prisms and Constants

Software has the ability to have different prisms as well as constants for reference prisms, connecting prisms and monitoring.  Software can read points in direct and reverse and you can decide how many measurements you specify as well as how many times you can retry on a point if there is interference with an object.

Monitoring Cycle Options

Rapid On-baord has a feature of automatic cycle monitoring where the user can set the number of monitoring cycles and the time to monitoring. Option for "continous" where the Total Station will start to monitor the prisms continously unitl the user manually stops the software.  Interval mode allows the user to adjust how many cycles and the start time of each monitoring cycle.


This function is specailly designed for the SOKKIA NET-AX Series and TOPCON MS-AX Series Total Stations, This feature enable users to scan prisms in an assumed coordinates and save it into the training file.User simply points at the uper left of the desired area and the lower right providing a grid area.  The Topcon MS-AX will find all the prism in the area.  Once the Scanning is complete, “Collecting Data” status will be displayed at the top of the screen.RAPID On-Board is now gathering all the prism point the total station recognized. This can easily save many hours of an operator trying to find prisms in a dark tunnle or on a construction site. 

View Residuals (Difference)

After a monitoring cycle is complete theuser can view the differnce bewteen the Monitoring points absolute values and the measurments to the last monitoring cycle.  Calculated results are displayed in dE, dN and Drl in millimeters.  These results can be dowloaded directly to a USB drive where you can bring the data into MSP StarPro Lite to print reports and graphs or you can bring the data directly into Notepad or Excel.  If the data collector has a Cell modem or WLAN after every cycle data can be sent to the host computer in an office for comparisons. 

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