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Location based management and mass haul planning of heavy construction projects

Features & Benefits:

  • Location based project management
  • Earthworks cost optimization through automatic mass haul planning 
  • Plan and schedule visualization on a project map
  • Automatic task progress control and monitoring through Sitelink3D & Sitelink3D Enterprise
  • Compare actual vs planned progress side by side
  • Free 30 day trial with sample projects

DynaRoad is a project management software for large scale infrastructure construction and earthworks projects with additional tools for mass haul planning. Location based management means that you define the location of every cut, fill, bridge and culvert of the project in it's coordinate system. After defining where & what you are building you turn the amounts into tasks by defining resources and production rates available to the site. Then schedule plan hauls with the help of DynaRoad's interactive guides & tools.

Location based tasks mean we can then display the project progress week by week on the project map, in addition to Gantt and Time-Distance charts. You can also include avoidance areas, traffic and detours on the map to create an animation of work flow, traffic flow and task progress. It's like a 4D animation except you don't need a 3D model to work on it and even complex projects are planned very fast.

DynaRoad has three different modules: Plan, Schedule and Control. Each module is for a different phase in the project, read more about these below.

DynaRoad Plan

Planning projects with mass haul starts with planning the project’s mass balance and hauls. A balanced mass haul plan avoids surplus and deficit material, and makes it possible to find optimal locations for crushing plants, disposal areas and borrow pits.
DynaRoad Plan highlights problem areas and the interactive assistants help you find solutions to these. DynaRoad Plan is most often used during the tender/bidding phase of design-build projects where the results are used to optimize the design. Thanks to the innovative way of planning and presenting these to project management cost savings on earthworks and risk can be massive.

DynaRoad Schedule

After DynaRoad plan you move to planning a location based schedule to the your project. You can base the schedule around available machines, production rates, sequence and the previous mass haul plan - or just draft a plan using tasks with only a duration. 

The key is setting all major tasks to a location on the map. This way you cycle back and forth on your schedule displaying activities on a certain week on the left of the screen and a Gantt chart on the right.

Once the schedule is complete DynaRoad can optimize the mass haul plan that suits your schedule automatically.

DynaRoad Control

Good plans are not worth much if theie execution is not Controlled.

DynaRoad Control is about monitoring task progress during construction and comparing actual production & mass haul to planned. Actual task and mass haul progress can be entered either automatically through Sitelink-connected machines or in the traditional way.

Planned and actual progress is displayed clearly in the graphical views and text reports. DynaRoad can also forecast future progress based on actual and planned amounts.

Replanning mass haul after as built amounts differed from plans is done in minutes to ensure you're plans are always up to date.

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