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Sitelink3D Enterprise

Real-time 3D Planning, Scheduling and Reporting 

Features & Benefits:

  • Job Site Productivity Reports
  • Job Site Progress Reports
  • Volume and Haul Reports
  • Job Site Planning
  • Real-time 3D Visualizer Tool 

Your virtual job site is just one click away

Sitelink3D Enterprise is a Sitelink3D module where you can plan, schedule, setup tasks for machines and get reports—all in real-time. It is accessed through the standard web portal, a powerful and intuitive interface between your job sites and offices.

Before a project starts you can setup a complete plan and schedule for the different production phases. The planning tool is designed for use with all project phases. You can assign a task area, assign machines, specify production and quantity data, and add dependencies. Sitelink3D Enterprise easily creates Gantt charts for quick and easy review of all phases.

After planning is completed, scheduling is defined per task. You can assign more machines, dependencies, required survey time, and more for every task on the project. Earthmoving machines and field crews equipped with Topcon 3D-MC machine control or survey equipment can automatically receive their assigned tasks, speeding workflow and eliminating possible data errors.

As soon as they accept a task, real-time data is sent to Sitelink3D Enterprise and the job data is instantly updated. Task progress will be visible in the office, on the machines and survey equipment. Data from machines and field crew that do not have Topcon equipment can also be entered into Sitelink3D Enterprise.

Reporting can be customized to fit the management needs of your organization. Volume, haul truck, compacting, task progress, or a set of task reports can be set for automated email delivery on an hourly, daily or weekly basis in PDF format. 

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