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Other Utilities

Warning! This page contains firmware and software that are only for authorized users of Topcon Positioning Systems (TPS). Any access or download of files not explicitly authorized is prohibited and is in violation of the intellectual property, business, and other laws.

All the firmware and software listed here are tested and approved versions. Please send your comments, bug reports, or help requests to appropriate e-mail addresses listed in the Tech Support section.

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UEP - Universal EEPROM Programmer

Click the link below to download the latest version of the Topcon Receiver Utility.

Universal EEPROM Programmer v1.5


This is a Win32 console application to convert TPS files to the RINEX format.

There is also a LINUX version of TPS2RIN converter.

TPS2RIN Brief Description

TPS2RIN v7.12 (Build Date 01/11/08)

TPS2RIN v7.12 for LINUX (Build Date 01/11/08)

TPS2RIN Installation file (signed)


FLoader is a Windows based firmware loading software program for use with all TPS receivers. It is also used to load Bluetooth® Drivers and FH Modem Firmware. Please see the manual for further details.

FLoader software is designed to perform the following tasks:

  • Firmware loading into a TPS receiver;
  • Firmware loading into a TPS receiver power board;
  • Firmware loading into a CDU-1 controller.

Hardware and software requirements

  • Microsoft Windows® 95/98/ME/NT/2000;
  • At least 640x480 pixels screen resolution;
  • About 1 Megabyte of free hard disk space.

FLoader User's Manual

FLoader v1.0.07 Signed

Standalone Mission Planning tool

Installation instructions

Download to an empty directory, decompress it, and run it.

WARNING!!! If you have Pinnacle software installed on your computer, DO NOT copy the files with identical names between these directory, otherwise Pinnacle or MP will not work!

To do Mission Planning it will be necessary to use a GPS+ almanac in order to know the location of the satellites. Please download the latest Almanac below.

Topcon Mission Planning

Topcon Mission Planning Installation file (signed)

GPS+ Almanac

To assure correct clock adjustment, we strongly recommend running your GNSS device for 15 to 20 minutes in static collection mode. In most cases, this will provide your device with the most up-to-date almanac. However, it may be advantageous to download a new almanac file for project planning purposes using a downloaded GPS+ Almanac below, and the TPS Mission Planning Tool.

To download an almanac for GPS & GLONASS, click on the link below, and save the file to your computer. This file is updated automatically and continuously every hour.

Download GPS+ Almanac

Topcon Downloader

Topcon Downloader is a software utility that facilitates the download of application codes into control boxes. The Downloader is required for use with 9256, 9166, and 9164 machine control codes.

Topcon Downloader Software for 9164, 9166 and 9256


PC-CDU is a comprehensive Windows software product designed for controlling GPS+ receivers developed by the Topcon Positioning Systems company. It uses GPS Receiver Interface Language (GRIL) to configure various receiver settings and diagnose the receiver performance.

PCCDU installation file (signed)


DebugView Installation file (signed)

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