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2D-3D Excavator ROI Calculator - General Construction

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2D-3D Excavator ROI Calculator - General Construction:
1. = Production Payback
2. = Material Payback
3. = Staking Payback
4. = Total Payback

= Enter information
= Calculated or fixed values
= Calculation totals
Units of measurement:

1. Production Payback - By Cubic Yards
Excavator Production
Average daily crew production - cubic yards:
Crew cost per day:
Cost per cubic yard:
Percentage increase in productivity with 3D-MC: %
Daily crew production with 3D-MC - cubic yards:
Cost per cubic yard with 3D-MC:
Cost savings per cubic yard:
Cubic yards to be graded on the project (or annually):
Total production savings:

2. Material Payback
Excavator Material
Total tons of import material on the project (or annually):
Average material cost per ton:
Total material costs:
Average thickness of material per lift (ft.):
With 3D-MC, thickness of material saved 1st lift (ft.):
With 3D-MC, thickness of material saved 2nd lift (ft.):
Percentage of material saved:
Savings in material costs:

3. Staking Payback
Excavator Staking
Total square feet needing staking:
Number of Surveyors:
Rate per hour:
Square feet staked per 8 hour day:
Number of lifts requiring staking:
Total Staking Costs:
With 3D-MC, staking reduced by: %
Savings in staking costs:

4. Total Payback
Total Savings:
Days to finish the project:
Savings per day:
3D-MC System Cost:
Payback in days: