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3D-MC & 3D-MC2 Roadwork ROI Calculator

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3D-MC & 3D-MC2 Roadwork ROI Calculator:
1. = Production Payback
2. = Material Payback
3. = Staking Payback
4. = Total Payback

= Enter information
= Calculated or fixed values
= Calculation totals
Units of measurement:

1. Production Payback
Roadwork Production
  Manual 3D-MC 3D-MC2
Daily crew linear production (ft.):
Number of passes to get to grade:
Number of passes reduced with 3D-MC:    
3D-MC2 percentage increase in speed:     %
Crew cost per day:    
Crew cost per mile:
Increase in productivity:  
Production savings per mile:  

2. Material Payback
Roadwork Material
Width of road (ft.):
With 3D-MC, thickness of material saved (ft.):
Cost per ton:
Material weight (lb/cu. ft.):
Material savings per mile:

3. Staking Payback
Grade StakingRoadwork Staking
Roadwork Grade Staking
Blue Tops
Roadwork Grade Staking
Budget for Grade Staking:
Number of surveyors:
Rate per hour:
Distance staked per 8 hour day (ft.):
Number of lifts requiring grade staking:
Cost for grade stakes per mile:
With 3D-MC, grade stakes reduced by: %
Savings in grade staking costs:
Budget for Blue Tops:
Number of surveyors:
Rate per hour:
Distance blue topped per 8 hour day (ft.):
Number of lifts requiring blue tops:
Cost for blue tops per mile:
With 3D-MC, blue tops reduced by: %
Savings in blue toppings costs:
Total staking savings per mile:

4. Total Payback
Savings per mile:
MC system cost:
Payback in miles:
Additional Payouts: Rideability & Early Completion Bonuses