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HiPer AG GNSS Base Station

The Ultimate in Control

Features & Benefits:

  • Multiple-constellation GNSS tracking for high accuracy 24/7
  • Rugged, compact, field-proven design
  • One-piece, cable-free unit
  • Advanced data radio communications
  • Integrated Bluetooth™ wireless technology
  • Powerful 40-channel GNSS board operates at up to 20Hz

HiPer AG Mobile RTK Base Station

Wherever you need high accuracy RTK - for strip tillage, bedding, planting, topographic mapping, and landforming - Topcon's HiPer AG is the advanced, versatile solution.

HiPer AG is a one-piece unit incorporating the satellite receiver, radio communicatoins, antennas, and rechargeable battery, so there's no messy cables. HiPer AG functions as an ultra-mobile, cable-free base, a fixed base station (with optional external GPS or radio antennas), or as a rover for surveying. HiPer AG is an excellent addition to Topcon's System 150, System 350 or System 310.

Receiving signals from both the GPS and GLONASS constellations provides up to 50% more satellites for higher accuracy and less down time from limited satellite access. Radio options include long-range FH915, digital, and SATEL.

For landleveling, HiPer AG provides GNSS corrections that enable high-accuracy Z-axis positioning. While the best Z-axis results are obtained within 2.5+ miles, placing the HiPer AG centrally in the field or project allows you to grade over 12,000 acres from one setup.

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