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X14 Console

New entry-level guidance and autosteering touchscreen console

  • Full-color 4.3" touchscreen with 3D graphics offers same look and feel as Topcon's innovative X30 console
  • Features simple, icon-based, user-configurable interface with full range of guidance patterns (including boundary and U-turn recognition)
  • Offers moving map manual guidance, coverage mapping, or autosteering; plus it features an on-screen lightbar
  • Bright, sunlight readable display offers easy setup and functionality
  • Easy setup on market leading vehicle platforms including tractors, spreaders, sprayers and harvesters
  • Modular design allows startup with low-cost manual guidance and the capability to upgrade to higher accuracy all the way to RTK for high precision performace
  • Compatible with Topcon's SGR-1 and AGI-4 receivers


X14 with SGR-1 GNSS Receiver 

The X14 provides manual guidance and coverage mapping when used with the Topcon SGR-1 GNSS Receiver. The SGR-1 features Topcon TruPass advanced positioning technology for higher, more stable pass-to-pass accuracies in dynamic ag applications. Additional low cost, optional harnessing provides support for remote engage.

X14 with AGI-4 Receiver/Steering Controller

For high-accuracy autosteering at an attractive price, the X14 can be teamed with Topcon's new AGI-4 Receiver/Steering Controller. The AGI-4 offers industry-leading autosteering performance and features industry-first ISO11783 compatibility. This combination also unlocks one of Topcon's most sought-after guidance modes: GuideLock. With GuideLock, waylines are generated automatically based on existing coverage patterns in the field.

Optional AES-25 Electric Steering

The X14 is compatible with Topcon's AES-25 Electric Steering System which gives hydraulic performance with electric convenience. The AES-25's direct-drive, high-torque motor provides silent operation while producing the world's most accurate electric steering.

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