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ISOBUS Artemis

Variable Rate Control and Monitoring System for seed drills

Features & Advantages:


• Will operate on any ISOBUS compliant UT

• Auto pre-start function

• Variable-rate capability

• Quick and easy product calibration


• Permits drill operation with most modern tractors

• Gets product to the coulters before the drill starts moving

• Set application rates and manually adjust as required

• Ensures ease of calibration between crop types/varieties and so maximum accuracy

ISOBUS Artemis - Mastering Variable Rate Seeding

The ISOBUS Artemis has been developed to work on compliant ISOBUS UT’s, including both X25 and X30. Artemis provides proportional to forward speed control by driving the metering unit with an
electric motor. Software is configurable to control up to 4 products/motors i.e. 1x seed & 1x fert or
1x seed, 1x fert & 1x slug pellets. In conjunction with the X25/X30, all 4 channels could function according to a predefined treatment map. Likewise, the headland on/off control would stop/start the motors according to the coverage map.
The system continues to provide the basic monitoring and control functions including:
• Tramlining
• Low hopper level alarms
• Fan speed alarms
• Information totals (area, weight used, job duration)
ISOBUS Artemis can be supplied as standard fitment in conjunction with the Artemis system, or offered as an upgrade to existing PSi Artemis users if necessary.

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