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Universal Terminal (UT)

Flexibility to operate many ISO compatible machines

ISOBUS allows different implements to connect to Topcon consoles and display implement functionality on the Universal Terminal screen. The X30 console Universal Terminal (UT), previously known as Virtual Terminal (VT), supports plug-and-play operation for direct control of major planter, seeder, spreader and sprayer controllers with industry standard ISO11783*.

The X30 also supports ISO task control (TC) based rate control (RC) and section control (SC) for compatible ISO ECUs. Compatible ISO ECUs operate in parallel with the X30 ASC, allowing support for sprayers and planters with up to 32 sections. The X30 also provides the option of selecting ISO Ground or GPS NMEA2000 speed on the ISOBUS for implements without ground speed sensors.

*Topcon works closely with the AEF to ensure that systems using Topcon consoles and receivers are compliant with the ISOBUS standard, but Topcon is not responsible for incompatibility.

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