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Hybrid Positioning Technology

Features & Benefits

  • Hybrid Lock
  • Hybrid Switch
  • Hybrid Resection
  • Faster Field Work
  • Compatible with all Topcon Robotic Instruments

Topcon Hybrid Positioning

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Topcon Hybrid Positioning Concept Video (1 min, 40 sec)


Your Productivity, Our Technology

Hybrid Positioning™ technology is the ability to use both GNSS positioning and optical positioning data at the same time, in ways that improve field measurement efficiency. MAGNET™ Field software now has an available module for Hybrid Positioning.

Topcon has revolutionized the industry by providing GNSS receivers that utilize the most advanced signal processing and robust performance in difficult environments. Additionally, Topcon’s optical total station technology of advanced tracking and powerful EDM performance is industry leading. These two hardware solutions, plus MAGNET Field software, come together to make Hybrid Positioning technology.

Hybrid Lock

Turns the instrument toward the prism location so that the user can quickly regain lock and tracking.  Hybrid Locks allows the user to record more measurements. Hybrid Lock is the ultimate in prism reacquisition.

Hybrid Switch

Provides the measurement professional with a fast change between GPS measurements and optical total station measurements.  The workflow provides the customer with a faster workflow with less setup of the total station over points. By using the Magnet software the user can easily switch with one push of a button.

Hybrid Resection

Lets the user visit points with RTK coordinates for control while having the Robotic instrument in a safe location.  Workflow provides the user with Geodetic coordinates to geo-reference the jobsite  This can be achieved fast for any job site setup.

Faster Field Work

Hybrid Positioning™ systems will perform faster in the field compared to other robotic systems and with more versatility than an RTK-only system. The hybrid system combines both GNSS positioning and optical robotic measurements into one rover pole measurement point. It is impossible to achieve a robotic line of sight to all points. Hybrid Positioning reduces the need for traversing and multiple tripod set ups.

Compatible with Many Configurations

The Hybrid Positioning™ module can be added to Topcon robotic total station instrument.  For example, an owner of a Topcon QS robot could add a HiPer SR receiver to the system and use Hybrid Positioning technology to Hybrid Lock.

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