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Topcon ES Series Total Stations

A new standard for Total Stations Topcon's new ES Series Total Station.  New advanced design with superior technology.  The new ES Series was designed from the ground up to deliver the very latest technological advantages, all in a small sleek design.  You'll appreciate the advantages from the very first measurement!

Features & Benefits

  • TSshield Technology ?
  • Fast and Powerful EDM
  • LongLink™ Communications
  • Super Long Battery Life - 36 hours (100 Series)
  • Advanced Angle Accuracy
  • Rugged and Waterproof
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The TSshield™ system provides notifications for software updates with messages directly on the total station when avaialble.  TSshield™ is able to track the total station and provide its location if it is misplaced or stolen.  The owner can even send a code to lock the instrument so that it can not be operated.

Fast and Powerful EDM

The ES Series instrument measures in 0.9 seconds.  Coaxial EDM beam and laser pointer provides both fast and accurate aiming.  The EDM is even able to accurately measure on difficult, reflective surfaces. Featuring a class-leading EDM unit, the ES 100 Series is able to measure up to 4,000 meters to a standard prism, and can measure in reflectorless mode up to 500 meters (350m for the 50 Series) at an incredible 3mm+2ppm accuracy. The ultra-narrow EDM beam can precisely measure walls, corners and through fence openings.  Our red laser pointer is coaxial, making indoor aiming very quick, and in limited sunlight, can assit the remote rod man. 

LongLink Technology

The ES 100 Series of total stations feature Class 1 Bluetooth™ wireless technology for reliable communication.  The long range communication changes the surveyors workflow by placing the data collector at the remote position.  The instrument operator simply aims the instrument and the remote rod position triggers the measuremnt from the data controller.  Eliminate the frustration of handsignals and errors on layout and other applications.

NOTE: The Topcon ES-50 series instruments are serial connection only. 


Super-Long Battery Life

The super long battey life provides for almost a full week's worth of work in the field before you need to recharge the battery.  The batteries can be used with our Topcon HiPer V GNSS receiver as well as our other current Topcon total stations.

Advanced Angle Accuracy

Our advanced encoder technology provides “Best in class” 1 second angle accuracy.  Technology allows the instrument to calibrate its own angle measurement system by itself. With Tangents that lock you can be secured that the instrument will hold your angle in place 

Rugged Waterproof IP66 design

Provides protection from the driving rain for all weather as well as dust 

Display and Use

Dual Graphic backlit LCD Display on both sides of the ES Series total station have the same display--for those jobs when you are inverting the telescope, you still read the display or get measurements without having to turn the instrument. Great for those days when you need to turn multiple angles/distances to traverse points.

A 25 key keyboard, with 4-way directional arrow key with backlight provides light for those early morning jobs or the jobs at the end of the day.  Perfect for tunneling as well as mining aplications.  No other instruments in this class have a backlit keyboard.

The quick and easy trigger key is located on the right-had side of the total station. This allows the instrument operator to easily and quickly press the trigger key right from the horizontal tangent to get a measurement.




  • Coordinate and raw data measurement
    • Offset measurements
    • Distance offset
    • Angle offset
  • 2D offset (2 prism)
  • Remote Elevation (REM)
  • Point to Line


  • Missing Line
  • Cross Section Surveying
  • Stakeout Programs
  • Coordinates Stakeout
  • Distance Stakeout
  • Stakeout on an Arc
  • Stakeout on a Line
  • Point Projection on a line

Other Programs

  • Surface Area Calculations
  • Intersections
  • Traverse Adjustment
  • Road Alignments
Topcon ES series total station

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