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MAGNET Field Site

MAGNET Field Site is data collection software for construction measurement and layout activities.  

Features & Benefits

  • Graphical and Intuitive Grade Management
  • Cloud Connectivity to MAGNET™ Enterprise and SiteLink™ 3D
  • Advanced road and surface stakeout tool sets
  • Vast library of Import / Export file formats
  • Volumetrics derived in the field 
  • Bing Maps® real-time background images


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MAGNET System of Solutions - Company Account Concept Video (07 min 23 sec)

Product Description

MAGNET Field Site is only part of the total MAGNET system of solutions to increases productivity by connecting the project site and office staff. The graphical user interface is simplified and very easy to learn. Large single-touch icons and easy to use workflows help accomplish layout tasks, volume measurements, road stakeout, fast as-built surveys, and much more. MAGNET Field Site data collection software connects to and drives all Topcon robotic total stations and GNSS systems. is a comprehensive grade management system in the palm of your hand.

Easy to Use Graphical Interface

MAGNET Field Site data collection software has large on-screen icons that pull the user through the typical workflows very easily. Simply touch the option you want and get to work. There are simple and advanced routines included, but all are easy to use.

Connected Productivity

One of the primary benefits of the MAGNET system is the productivity increase gained because the project site and office staff are always connected. Connected through cloud exchange, MAGNET Field Site and MAGNET Office Site activities are both visible through MAGNET Enterprise and SiteLINK 3D. Easily exchanges data between the office, MAGNET Field, Pocket 3D and 3D machine control systems.

Advanced Simplicity

MAGNET Field Site data collection software has advanced roading and site layout tools that are typically difficult to start using.  Not with MAGNET!  Use all Topcon robotic total stations and GNSS systems (including Network RTK and traditional base-rover setups) to tackle as-builts, surface collection, surface check, volumes, and point, polyline, road, slope stakeout, and much more.

Import/Export File Formats

MAGNET Field Site has a vast library of file formats available for Import/Export and conversion. Work with over 100 different file types and support files from even non-Topcon software. With MAGNET Field Site, you can stay connected with other software and even other companies using different formats.

Real-Time Bing Maps Background Images

Take advantage of vibrant background Microsoft Bing Maps automatically loaded behind your site data. Rest assured that your site localization or recently imported data came into the project correctly. Or simply get to work faster with better jobsite visual checks.

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