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MAGNET Relay is a GNSS correction service hosted by the MAGNET Solution.  With a subscription to MAGNET Relay, users can connect a GNSS base receiver to the MAGNET Relay service via cellular connection, and thus make this base available for up to 10 rovers.

Features & Benefits:

  • Cellular Base to Rover Connection
  • Extend RTK Base/Rover Range
  • Low cost monthly subscription service
  • Use network-only rovers with local Base
  • Easy Base Setup
  • Only requires cellular coverage (Network not required)
  • 10 rovers from one base

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MAGNET System of Solutions - Company Account Concept Video (07 min 23 sec)

Cellular Base to Rover Connection

Use the internal cellular modem of your GR-3, GR-5, HiPer II, or HiPer V to setup a mobile reference station base.  Broadcast the base correction via cellular modem to as many as 10 rovers. Simply subscribe to Magnet Relay.

Extend RTK Base/Rover Range

MAGNET Relay extends the range of a typical base/rover combination.  With UHF radios in a GR series or HiPer series, baseline distances were dependent on the topography of the land in between.  Now use the internal cellular modem of the base to reach over 20 miles. 

Low cost monthly subscription

Visit the MAGNET Enterprise Store to subscribe to MAGNET Relay.  The subscription fee is only $300 per year, per base connection.  And you can connect up to 10 rovers off one base setup.  

Use a Network-only Rover outside an RTK Network

The MAGNET Relay service increases the productivity and value of a network-only rover.  With MAGNET Relay, connect a network-only rover such as GRS-1 or Tesla RTK to connect to a local base via cellular RTK broadcast.  MAGNET Relay allows you to create your own reference base station with any Topcon receiver that has an internal cellular modem.  GR-3, GR-5, HiPerII, and HiPerV receiver can be used as a MAGNET Relay Base, if they have an internal modem.

Easy Base Setup

MAGNET Relay is easy to setup.  Use MAGNET Field to connect your base station to MAGNET Relay.  Then simple log into the recently created Base broadcast and up to 10 rovers can connect to the Relay service through Magnet Field.

Cellular Coverage

The only coverage requirement for MAGNET Relay is good cellular coverage.  MAGNET Relay is creating an environment similar to an RTK Network, but is just a single base.  If you have cellular coverage, you can create a MAGNET Relay Base.

10 Rovers

MAGNET Relay creates a mobile reference station that functions as a typical network base.  Each Relay Base can broadcast to up to 10 rovers.  And the best part is the subscription is only required for the Base.  Visit sore for prices as low as $25 per month.

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