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MAGNET Office Layout

MAGNET Office Layout provides the ability to collaborate within your private, safe, and secure cloud-based Company Account.  Don't let is simplicity deceive you.  This is a powerful yet "just what you need" CAD software solution ideal for small site design.

Features & Benefits:

  • MAGNET Enterprise enabled
  • Supports All Surveying and Construction Applications
  • Full Topcon 3DMC Data Support
  • Flexible CAD Functionality

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Workflow Video | PDF to Production using MAGNET (2 min)

With droves of design data stored and shared with the common PDF file format, MAGNET Office software provides the powerful ability to import directly, intuitively scale, and selectively convert to workable linework.  Start with a PDF and finish with team members standing a a project site having exactly what they need to stay productive.


MAGNET System of Solutions | Company Account Concept Video (07 min 23 sec)

Short video showing the flexibility and benefits of using a private cloud-based company account for geospatial projects.

MAGNET Office Layout is CAD software developed by Topcon for use by general contactors and construction professionals. With it's extensive range of time saving software features and flexible options, MAGNET Office Layout provides a complete desktop CAD solution. 

Project Files

The MAGNET Office project file is self-contained and space-efficient. It provides a facility to store any files related to a project into a single file, making tasks like archiving simple.

A project file can contain all survey data, raw data, surfaces, roads, drainage designs and drawings. Required library data is also saved in the project file to ensure portability.


MAGNET Office Layout offers numerous options for subdivision, road, and drainage design, and its comprehensive editing capabilities enable you to reprocess survey data and update graphics immediately. In addition, MAGNET Office Layout is extremely customizable, so you can control how a project is finished.

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