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MAGNET Office Tools

MAGNET Office Tools is a cloud-enabled data processing software application that enables users to generate final coordinates from MAGNET Field, MAGNET Field Site, TopSURV, Pocket 3D files, as well as Topcon and Sokkia total stations, levels, and GPS raw data files.

Features & Benefits

  • Autodesk® RealDWG inside for seamless exchange with AutoCAD®
  • MAGNET Ribbon within Autodesk Civil 3D
  • Direct connection to MAGNET Company Account
  • Microsoft Bing®  satellite image background
  • Import and Process any and all GNSS and Total Station Data 
  • Large Library for Third Party File Support
  • Full 3D-MC support

Download Brochure

MAGNET System of Solutions - Company Account Concept Video (07 min 23 sec)

Connect.  Transfer.  Process.  Report.  Visualize.  ..and more.

Not just for post processing of raw static files, MAGNET Office Tools software is a fullfilling solution to:

  • Log in and connect to your MAGNET Company Account
  • Participate with inter-company Chat messaging
  • Exchange data to / from your MAGNET Company's personal, safe, and secure Cloud storage
  • Visualize field work with a Google Earth background, 3D obitial view, CAD view, etc
  • Find and fix possible blunders from collecting field measurements
  • Automatic error checking for efficient office processing of field measurements
  • Intuitive functionality to change / modify a project's Coordinate System and display options
  • Create and manage descriptive Code Libraries
  • Import historical third party raw data formats such as TDS SurveyPro, Carlson SurvCE, Trimble, Sokkia SDR, etc.
  • Customize and generate reports of field work (Quality Report, Adjustment Reports, Cut Sheets, etc)
  • Export linework within MAGNET™ Tools directly to AutoCAD Civil 3D software
  • Provide link from AutoCAD Civil 3D software to your personal Cloud storage
  • Import multiple days worth of field work to then manage as an overall project
  • Support field measurements of combined methods of GNSS and total station
  • ..and much, much more.

Beyond traditional processing software, MAGNET Office Tools is an important component to "connect" office personnel with both field crews and a company's manager.

Automatic Integration with AutoCAD Civil 3D

Available in standalone or as an AutoCAD embedded interface.  AutoCAD installs have direct connections through MAGNET Office Tools software to their private cloud-based Company Account.

Stay connected with all project sites by instantly exchanging data files or even watching field measurements appear within your MAGNET Office Tools job in real-time. Imagine seeing live shots with coded line work appear on screen. collaboration like never before!

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