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Connect Your World!

Sitelink3D is a complete site communication system providing data control, machine tracking and a reporting system in one solution. With Sitelink3D, Topcon expands its highly advanced 3D machine control systems to include remote machine support, job file transfer and real-time project management information.

Features & Benefits

  • File transfer
  • Messaging
  • Remote Access
  • Remote Support
  • Tracking
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Manage all your job sites wherever you are... 

See all your equipment on all your job sites in real time. Stay connected from your laptop, office desktop or even with your mobile device. With Sitelink3D, you don’t have to drive out to the job site to deliver change orders or new job files, just send them directly to the machines using the electronic data transfer option. Remote connect to any equipment within Sitelink3D to see real-time progress on-site and manage machine up-time and optimize usage.

On-site surveyors are also able to connect to Sitelink3D...

Field Software can be linked to the same job site to send and receive data files. Each topo shot can be visualized real-time in the office.  When machine operators need help or assistance, they need answers as fast as possible. To limit down-time on your machine, use Sitelink3D remote support to answer questions, solve operators problems instantly or even upgrade software and firmware on your equipment. 

Sitelink3D Office and Mobile Devices...

Sitelink3D is integrated into Topcon’s 3D Machine Control systems and can be accessed anywhere in the world. You can connect to your job site using Topcon’s 3D-Office , MAGNET Office Site, or any mobile device in real time, all the time!


File transfer

• Send site files

• Receive site files

• File traffic registration


• Instant operator messaging

• Site group messaging

• Embedded in operator’s interface

Remote Access & Support

• Assist operators

• Increase operator confidence

• Online operator training


• In office: machine location overview

• In machine: other machines on screen

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