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The system collects various information from your total station and provides you with a range of support to ensure you can use your total station properly.

Features and Benefits

  • Firmware Updates Notifications
  • Firware updates via WiFi or cable
  • Registration
  • Asset Allocation (Position)
  • Abiltity to Lock and Unlock if Lost or Stolen
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TSshield can provide updated information to you when your software embedded in your total station is not up to date, and allows you to view information about your total station via a dedicated web portal.  Should your total station ever be lost or stolen, it is possible to track its location and provide the location to authorities.


Firmware Updates via WiFi

Similar to other consumer products on the market today, TSshield communicates to the Topcon servers every day.  The system provides a message to the user in the field if there is a new firmware update for their instrument.  The user can continue working for the day.   When you return to the office (or to an active WiFi location) you can decide if you wish to update your instrument to the latest firmware.  The user does not need to bring the instrument to a repair center to receive the upgraded firmware. 


The TSshield web portal allows the user to register all his equipment.  This will activate your account for all the benefits of TSshield.  

Asset Allocation

TSshield reports the location of your equipment to your personal web portal.  You can track what projects and location of your equipment every day.  This feature provides the office manager with the ability to know how many hours the total station was at a project.


If your equipment should become lost or stolen TSshield allows the office manager  to alert authorities the location of the equipment.  You can disable the total station by sending  a code to the total station to lock the instrument so no one can use the equipment.  Through the web portal when you receive your equipment back you can send a code to unlock the total station. 

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