Topcon 9 Series Robotic Total Stations (Previously Available)

***No Longer Available***

The Topcon 9-series of robotic total station is the latest, most advanced system on the market today that boasts a new modern design, faster motors, 1000 meter radio range, and new X-TRAC prism tracking technology.

Features & Benefits:

  • Innovative, completely cable-free system design
  • New RC-3 with Superior XTRAC™ Quick-Lock tracking technology
  • The most advanced, longest range, and most powerful reflectorless technology available
  • Integrated interference free 2.4 GHz SpSp robotic data communications
  • Faster servo motor technology, faster tracking technology
  • Full-color, graphical Windows Mobile instrument & field controller interface
  • Lighter weight than the competition
  • Smaller – Lighter – Faster – Longer. 

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