Operator friendly, compact all in one design

Offers quick and hassle free setups, which reduce the amount of time between instrument setups and improve productivity.  The GLS-1000’s design incorporates the use of on-board lithium ion batteries, so there is no need to carry around a bulky 12 volt battery. The aerodynamic design helps reduce the affect of wind. 

Features & Benefits:

  • On-board data collection and storage
  • Compact all in 1 design
  • Precise Scan Technology
  • Hot-swappable on-board lithium ion batteries
  • Class 1 invisible, eye safe, pulse laser
  • Built-in 2 mega pixel digital camera
  • Wireless Lan & USB connectivity
  • Dual axis compensators
  • 3000 precise points/second scan rate 
  • 330m maximum range at 90% reflectivity
  • 150m maximum range at 18% reflectivity
  • 4mm accuracy from 1m to 150m
  • 6” horizontal and vertical angular accuracy
  • Horizontal and vertical jogs

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